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Nightmare City was founded in 2008 as the collaborative practice of Keturah Cummings and Carol Anne McChrystal. They live and work in Berlin and Los Angeles.


Their longstanding collaboration has focused on creating camera-oriented performance  and new media environments. A project to augment physical space and viewer experience through audio/visual experiments and distributed networks, Nightmare City borrows aesthetics from rave, party culture and post¬≠-shamanic rituals. The group uses a pastiche of display tactics and technologies from mismatched eras to reach simultaneously forwards and backwards through temporality.


The collective has exhibited at spaces including HORSEANDPONY Fine Arts in Berlin,  Queens Nail Projects in San Francisco and Essex Flowers in New York.  Both members received an MFA from California College of the Arts  and attended Skowhegan in 2011.


contact: hello [at] nightmarecity [dot] org


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